With Dipawali approaching fast, cleaning and decorating the house has begun and from today onwards my sweet preparations will take a front runner till “the day”. I started with the most time consuming mithai moong dal burfi, rich and creamy, enjoyed and cherished throughout Rajasthan where it is believed to be made during the winter due to the fact that this dessert keeps the body warm. It takes a lot of patience as the dal (lentil) has to be sautéed slowly in low heat for a long time. If you are anti-calorie in your house – then forgive me for posting this and tempting you…ghee is revered in this dish and shines (and I mean it literally!) through this dish. If you know how velvet feels, then you will know how the texture of this halvah should be. Velvety smooth with a creamy texture where one spoonful simply vanishes in your mouth before you even realize what’s happening.


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