Aagaye ji Punjab ke sher with bhangra bistar beer bater

Think of Punjabi cuisine and instantly Mah Di Dal, Saron Da Saag and Makke Di Roti comes to our mind. Big round paranthas topped with butter and a tall glass of lassi would make an ideal breakfast for a punjabi kisan enough for him to sweat all the calories while working in the fields. Dishes especially those containing paneer originated in Punjab probably due to abundance in milk and milk products. Paneer butter masala, Palak Paneer, Baingan ka Bharta, Amritsari Chole, are a few mouth watering dishes in the vast sea of Punjabi cuisine. 

Being born and brought up in Punjab (India), I absolutely adore its food. Like every true Punjabi family each occasion, birthdays, festivals or even getting an A on a test was celebrated with food. My memory is infused with delicious aromas and flavors of recipes from back home that I try to recreate in my very own kitchen. I like experimenting with other Indian and international cuisines and blend in their ingredients and techniques into my very own vegetarian recipes. Cooking gives me immense pleasure. When this hobby turned into a passion I can’t say. All I know is that I want to keep cooking and learning about food for the rest of my life and share them with the world.  I try to keep my cooking and recipes simple, quick and unpretentious, yet healthy and flavorful. 

So let’s raise our peg patialas and say cheers! And if your tummy is rumbling you’re invited for some and more....

A little note on myself: 

My name is Roopam Garg and was a dentist by profession. I came to Dallas,Tx after getting married. My husband's friend circle was huge and that too ranging from all corners of the world, so it was always a challenge for me to cook whenever he would invite them over. I would call my Mom or browse for hours searching for recipes and trying them over and over again in my small tiny kitchen. I had numerous food accidents and burnt dinners and my poor husband would eat them without saying a word. Over the period of time as I mastered the basic recipes, my interest towards cooking increased immensely. Now I am a proud mom of a four year old daughter and a stay at home Mom and most of my free time goes teaching me how to cook. 

I am a vegetarian (and eggitarian too) and my site is dedicated to simple vegetarian cooking. Please visit it and if you find my recipes good do drop in a line or two for me.

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