Spice Box 

Traditional Indian Spice box
Spices,the cornerstone of Indian cooking, are seductive, and once the palate has become accustomed to them, their absence will be noticed. It is the skillful blending of these spices that gives Indian food its flavors, aromas and textures.Over the centuries as traders and rulers came and went, they brought with them a myriad of spices that became a part and parcel of Indian cuisine. Every Indian dish is flavored with a distinct blend of spices. Some might only have a sprinkling of turmeric or mustard seeds while some curries simmer for hours in mixtures of up to 15 different spices. Good Indian cooking depends wholly on using the right blend of spices. That is why traditional combinations are home ground and kept ready for use. The term for these spice mixtures is “masala”. Each region of India has its own special blend; in the North it is called “garam masala” meaning hot spice where the winters are bitterly cold, this spice mixture provides heat to body.

Here are the basic recipes for:
Garam Masala

Sambhar Masala
Tandoori Masala
Channa Masala

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