Navratri Vrat Thali

Samo rice/Vrat ke chawal, Lauki ki sabzi, Sabudana Kheer, Rajgira aloo roti, Sabudana fryums
The age-old popular concept of religious fasting during Navratras is increasingly turning into 'feasting'. Whether one fasts for just a couple of days or for the entire nine days, the time for strictly adhering to a fruit diet or consuming just one glass of milk for the entire day is long gone. Fasting now is a style statement.

Even that rebelliously dressed, carefree, college goer thinks it is either cool to be fasting or just another way of cutting out those extra calories. With a whole range of 'Navratra' food items one wonders whether one can actually stick to the traditional abstinence.

Now fasting simply implies that either one stops eating rice or abstains from consuming ordinary salt. Munching on endless potato chips, saboodaba namkeen and guzzling pitchers of coke is seen as the alternative to the dal roti diet.

I too make an attempt to make my own 'satvik bhojan' during the Navratras. Lauki ki sabzi, dry paneer, aloo jeera, samo rice, kuttu puri, raita, saboodana kheer, fryums, dahi aloo curry, arbi, are few among the endless possibilities for a thali.

So if you thought fasting was not meant for you think again because the variety of food available for the people who 'f(e)asting' is no less than what is available for you.

Enjoy my first of the Navratri thalis……….

Lauki ki sabzi
Sabudana Kheer
Samo rice/Vrat ke chawal
Rajgira aloo roti