Navratri Vrat Thali-2

Aloo tamatar ki subzi, Sweet potato Cucumber Salad, Cucumber Mint Raita, Dahi wali Arbi, Lauki ki burfi and Singhara-paneer roti
My grandmother was a very religious and a humble lady. She prepared all three meals of the day and only ate them after presenting to God as bhog. She would diligently observe several fasts around the year. She told us that Navratri fasting fulfills all desires. We loved hearing the vrat katha from her as the God’s would savor her prepared thali and then after wards enjoy the deliciously prepared food by her hands. Here is the strory as I remember.


In old times in a beautiful city, there lived a Brahmin named Anath. He was a devoute of Goddess Durga. Due to his good qualities he begot a beautiful daughter Sumati who had all the qualities and beauty. Sumati grew in her father’s house so fast like the moon growing in the shukla paksha into full bloom. Whenever her father was doing the puja and Homa of Mother Durga she was always present. One day Sumati went with her friends to play and she was absent for the puja of Bhagvati.

The father seeing such negligence of his daughter got angry and said to his daughter. “Oh negligent daughter today you have not done Bhagvati Durga’s puja, due to this reason I will get you married to a sick and poor man.” Hearing the harsh words of her father Sumati became sad and said to her father. “I am your daughter and it is my duty to do as you say. You may do as you wish. You can get me married to a King, leper whoever you wish but my marriage will take place as my destiny.”

 He got his daughter married to a leper and said angrily go fast, go fast and reap the fruits of your action. Thinking of her sorrow, Sumati along with her husband went into the jungle and spent the night with great difficulty. Seeing her in this state Bhagvati appeared in front of Sumati and said to her, “O dear Brahmini, I am happy with you ask me any boon, I will grant you”. Sumati asked the Devi who she was and why was she happy with her. The Devi said, She is Adi  Shakti, and when I am pleased I remove the sorrow of human beings and bestow them with happiness. I am happy with your past birth. I am narrating to you; you’re past birth.

In your last birth you were a devoted wife of a hunter. One day your husband performed a robbery. As a result, you both were arrested and put into the prison without any food or water. This way during the days of Navratri you neither ate nor drank water for 9 days and thus fasted for Navratri vrat. Due to the fast I am very happy and I will grant your wish so tell me what do you want. Sumati said, “if you are really happy with me then kindly get rid of my husband’s leprosy.” The body of her husband got rid of the disease and became a bright youngman whose brilliance outshone the brilliance of the moon. Seeing the immense power of the Devi she said, “O Ambe, due to my mistake my father got me married to a leper and removed me from the house. I have been roaming round the earth; it is you who has crossed me over this ocean of trouble. Oh Devi I offer my salutations to you. Please protect me from this misfortune.” Hearing her prayers and words the Devi was very happy and said to Sumati, “You will have a son named Udalak who will be very intelligent and brilliant very soon”. The Devi then again told Sumati that she could again ask for any other boon. Sumati said, “O Goddess Durga if you are happy with me then kindly explain to me the rituals and way to do the Navratri fast and also the fruit one can achive.”

 Goddess Durga said, “I will narrate to you the complete procedure of the rituals of the Navratri fast, which removes all the sins. By hearing this one is free from all the sins and attains Moksha (liberation). In the month of Ashwin during the shukla period from the very first day till the 9th day one should keep a fast. If whole day fast is not possible then one meal can be eaten during the day. Kalash and wheat grains should be installed and everyday water should be poured on that vessel. Making clay figures of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi, everyday according to the rituals one should worship and also offer flowers and worship as per rituals. With Bijora flowers one gets beauty, Jaiphul gives brilliance, Amla gives happiness, Bannana gives jewelry. In this way with fruits doing the rituals and Havana also with wheat doing the homa one gets wealth. One should perform Homa with Kheer, ghee, coconut, honey, jowar and til (sesame seed) and fruits and one will achieve whatever one desires. The one who follows the instructions regarding this great fast he gets all the happiness and there is no doubt that during these nine days all that is given in charity will get fruit in the multitude of crores.” This way explaining to the Brahmin the procedure of fasting as per the rituals Goddess Durga disappeared.


This is my second of the Navratri vrat thalis. Prepared without onions or garlic, they taste divine and bring solitude to inner self…..


Aloo tamatar ki subzi
Sweet Potato Cucumber Salad
Cucumber Mint Raita
Dahi wali Arbi
Lauki ki burfi
Singhara-paneer roti