After days of clicking photos, typing recipes I have finally decided to publish my site.Though its still at an infant stage with very few recipes I wanted  comments and suggestions from readers so as to improve myself from the beginning itself.
Hope you all like my simple recipes and try them yourself at home!
2/12/2010 10:16:15 am

The site looks good. You need a better url, may be or something. Try that!

8/22/2010 07:59:07 am

Seeing all the photos my mouth is drooling.Best of luck

9/8/2010 06:53:31 am

Hi, this site is too mouthwatering, is it possible if you can send the recipe for Kheer, and as per the ingredients available in US. Like to make kheer you need those condensed milk, that you get in wallmart.Pls. will wait for your reply. Do keep on will be a big hit.!!


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